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All about chanderi sarees, the Best Chanderi Saree Online Shopping Platform

Sarees are the most elegant attires that add charm and beauty to the wearer. This nine-yard ensemble is no less than a magic when draped on a woman's body. But, amongst all the sarees, the one that is considered as the most desired asset is the sophisticated yet stunning chanderi saree.

These handcrafted sarees are a result of traditional weaving that has been passed from generations. So, If you are a fashion enthusiast who loves to style various types of sarees, then choose a drape like chanderi. You can visit our online store chanderi sarees  for your chanderi saree online shopping.

From its history to its types to its popularity, let’s find out some interesting facts about chanderi sarees.

What is Chanderi Saree?

Considered as the symbol of royalty, chanderi sarees were favourite among the princess and queens of the ancient times. Chanderi sarees are produced from three kinds of fabrics, i.e., chanderi cotton, pure silk and cotton silk. Chanderi sarees are popular across the world for their sumptuous embroidery, zari, prints, etc.

Chanderi sarees are cozy, light in weight and are uniquely honoured in the fashion industry. These sarees are decorated with radiant contrasting colours and portray human or animal figures. Chanderi sarees are known for their simplicity, gorgeous “palla” and “anchals” and beautiful borders.

These sarees can be styled for casual as well as grand occasions. These Madhya Pradesh chanderi sarees can be found in innumerable designs, patterns and colours.

The most interesting thing that women most love about a chanderi saree is it’s appealing and resplendent border work. The borders of these sarees are decorated with latkans and buttas. Not only this, chanderi sarees are adorned with sali work, zari work, beads, zardosi work, etc, which gives the wearer a fabulous look. This saree is woven with intricate detailing by talented and experienced weavers. To make a single chanderi saree, it takes around 8 days and 2 people to weave a single chanderi saree.

Chanderi Saree Origin

The history of chanderi saree dates back to the 13th or 14th Century AD during the Vedic Period Classic Mahabharat. According to a few historical records, chanderi saree originated from the town of looms, Chanderi. Chanderi was popular for producing muslin or fine malmal fabric.

It is remarked that, in 1305 AD, sufi saint Hazrat Wajihuddin had visited Chanderi. Following the saint, a significant number of residents living in Lakhnauti region in Bengal migrated to Chanderi. Back in the days, Dhaka, in Bengal was prominent for weaving fine fabric of muslin. So, people who migrated to Chanderi engaged in the business of weaving and production of the fabric.

Initially, muslims were the one who were involved in the production of chanderi fabric. But, after 1305, even the Koshti weavers from Jhansi settled down in Chanderi and started producing chanderi fabric.

A surprising story says that, the mughal emperor, Akbar received a length of chanderi weaving cloth packed in a hollow Bamboo stick. The mughal emperor was awestruck to witness the length of the fabric which can even cover the elephant.

How can you raise your Style Game with Chanderi Sarees?

Since, chanderi sarees are light-weight, breezy and effortless to carry, they are referred as ‘woven air’. Thus, chanderi is one of the most versatile and subtle attire to wear on any occasion. Many fashionistas consider chanderi saree as the most magnificent ensemble when paired with opulent traditional jewellery. Also, chanderi sarees go well with golden or any other studded sandals.

You can even fuse chanderi saree with a fancy and latest design blouse to create an extraordinary look.

If you find yourself in any confusion, you can find many videos on the internet which will show you how to wear chanderi saree.

Why buy exclusive Chanderi Sarees from Chanderi sarees?

Chanderi sarees is best known for offering a wide assortment of flamboyant chanderi sarees. Our online store is one of the best platforms to buy chanderi sarees online. You can find a wonderful collection of chanderi sarees on Chanderi sarees online store. Our spellbinding collection of exclusively handcrafted chanderi sarees are crafted with great care.

With modern-day online shopping, Chanderi sarees offers great comfort to their customers by providing customer-friendly service. Our main motive is to serve our customer needs and deliver the order within the right time span.

You will be overwhelmed to know that the chanderi sarees on our website are of the latest pattern, budget friendly and comes with excellent quality. On top of this, there are thousands of colours in chanderi sarees which you can choose from according to your style and occasion. Below, mentioned are some of the colours found in chanderi sarees on our online store.

      Silver Chanderi Saree

    Purple Chanderi Saree

    Off white Chanderi Saree

    Navy blue Chanderi Saree

    Grey Chanderi Saree

    Green Chanderi Saree

    Golden Chanderi Saree

    Beige Chanderi Saree

    Baby Pink Chanderi Saree

    White Chanderi Saree

    Yellow Chanderi Saree

    Black Chanderi Saree

    Indigo Blue Chanderi Sarees

Types of Chanderi Sarees

Our online store features a wide assortment of beautiful chanderi sarees to cater to the womanly desire. So, let’s quickly take a look at our wonderful collection.

Chanderi Embroidery Sarees

Chanderi Embroidery Sarees

Do you find yourself in a dilemma when it comes to selecting a saree for a housewarming event, post-wedding function, etc.? Well, no worries, because we’ve got the solution for your problem. We recommend you to choose a chanderi saree with fine yet elegant embroidery design. To add a tinge of magic and classiness, you can style this saree with traditional jewellery.

Chanderi Pattu Sarees

Chanderi Pattu Sarees

One cannot stop themselves from falling in love with these magnificent pieces of work. The never-ending charisma of these unique chanderi sarees is what makes them one of the best styles among others. If you wish to buy these exclusive chanderi sarees online, then Chanderi sarees is one of the best platforms.

Chanderi Handloom Sarees

Chanderi Handloom Sarees

Want to create your own fashion statement among thousands of people? Well, chanderi handloom saree can do it for you. These trendy and new chanderi sarees are absolutely light in weight, cozy as well as known for their sophisticated and classic appeal.

If you are residing in and around Gwalior, then you can visit various stores of chanderi sarees in Gwalior for your chanderi saree shopping. Pick the one that best suits your personality.

Chanderi Banarasi Saree

Chanderi Banarasi Saree

Grab your hands on these resplendent and best chanderi sarees and shine like a million of glowworms. Chanderi banarasi saree is a perfect attire to leave a lasting impression.

So, when you have already decided to rock the party or wedding with this elegant ensemble, all you have to do is visit our online store and start your chanderi saree online shopping.

Chanderi Cotton Saree

Chanderi Cotton Saree

We all know cotton is one of the most ideal fabrics which gives your skin a soft touch and is highly suitable in summers. But, a chanderi cotton saree is considered as one of the finest and fascinating drapes which can be styled in any occasion. Without any doubt, this attire is sure to make you the centre of attention and turn heads in any function.

To get your hands on the best saree, check out our innumerable chanderi saree collection which comes in a broad range of patterns.

Chanderi Printed Saree

Chanderi Printed Saree

Amp up your style quotient this saree season with this ravishing ensemble. Adorned with enchanting prints to complement the overall look, chanderi printed saree is now the talk of the town. So, for your post wedding event, we recommend you to pick a white chanderi saree with colourful prints and pair it with maroon colour heavy studded jewellery

You can buy these elegant chanderi sarees online from our store Chanderi sarees.

Chanderi Tissue Saree

Chanderi Tissue Saree

This meticulously designed and light-weight saree gives you a glamorous look along with an Indian touch. When paired with exclusive traditional jewellery and heavy studded sandals, this attire can make you dazzle on any occasion.

Buy your favourite and intricately designed chanderi saree from Chanderi sarees. Don’t forget to browse through our high-quality chanderi saree images for more detailed information.

Floral Chanderi Saree

Floral Chanderi Saree

You must have seen your favourite Bollywood divas rocking various occasions with floral chanderi sarees. Chanderi always looks classy, but when you wear a chanderi saree with floral design, you are sure to stand out among the millions.

Our online store has a huge assortment of chanderi saree design. So, why wait? Grab these charming attires and make your ethinic closet more gorgeous.

Linen Chanderi Sarees

Linen Chanderi Sarees

Have you always wished to pick a pretty chanderi saree to add to your ethinic wardrobe? Well, these sumptuous pieces of linen chanderi sarees to elevate your wardrobe.

You can surf through our online store and shop for the best chanderi sarees right here on chanderi sarees

Chanderi Checks Sarees

Chanderi Checks Sarees

It’s a myth that chanderi checks sarees cannot be styled on any occasion. The truth is, whether it’s a big fat wedding, housewarming ceremony or a birthday party, these sarees are a perfect ensemble to style in any occasion. A blue chanderi saree with checks pattern would be a great pick for your next event.

To buy the one within your budget, don’t forget to check out chanderi saree price on our website.

Chanderi Designer Sarees

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